Videofied XL Panel

Compatibility : works with all Videofied® wireless devices.
> Supervision of all devices (except remote keyfob).
> Tamper detection : 24-hour dual-tamper function provides
detection for both cover and wall removal. Control panel also
monitors all system device tamper switches.

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Videofied XL with voice and video gives professional monitoring personnel eyes and ears to enable them to provide effective police response.
A proximity reader in the keypad means users can easily arm/disarm the system by simply moving the tag near the keypad. The system gives audible and visual feedback that it is arming/disarming. A siren is integrated within the panel

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The XL GPRS alarm panel is a Videofied® wireless, battery operated security system. The control
panel is designed for residential and small commercial security applications where video verification
is needed or desired. The control panel is powered by eight 1.5-volt alkaline batteries that last up to four years, with normal system activity. A built-in siren provides status beeps. The embedded cell modem communicator reports to the monitoring station and and enables 2-way voice communication over cell to the monitoring station. A dual-tamper function is active 24 hours, whether or not the system is armed. An alarm occurs if the control panel cover is removed, or if the control panel is removed from the mounting surface. With the embedded touchpad the user can arm and disarm
the system. Under the TouchPad an integrated proximity card reader that can be used to arm and disarm the system without using the TouchPad. The proximity card/tag arming system is designed to maximize operator convenience.

Product Features

  • Instant video of intrusion with 2-way voice over GSM/GPRS cell
  • Up to 19 devices (MotionViewer, sirens, contacts,keypads…)
  • Integrated proximity card arming/disarming for ease of use
  • Up to 4 years battery life
  • Antenna integrated
Brand Videofied
Model Videofied XL Panel
Operating Frequency
Required Voltage
868/915/920 MHz
Nominal voltage = 6 V
Low battery limit = 4.2 V
Powering Type B : 1 external power supply with battery backup 4x 1.5 Alkaline D cells (Option 1)
Type C: 8x 1,5 V D Alkaline batteries (Option 2)
Current consumption
Operating temperature
Maximum relative humidity
Dimensions (LxWxD)
Standby (1h average) = 420 μA ; Max = 1,3 A
-10° / +40° C (-14° /+104° F)
75%, without condensing
225 mm x 180 mm x 55 mm (9 in. x 7 in. x 2-1/6 in)
520 g (without batteries)
Embedded • Touchpad
– Minimum number of variations PIN = 1109814
– Number of forbidden PIN codes = 186 (See page 15)
– Number of invalid passcode entries before disabling = 5
– Waiting for input code = 60 s
– Blocking time after 5 attempts invalid = 90 s
– Battery life support memory = nd (Using flash memory)

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